Take Non-Credit Courses On Your Own

Self-directed, noncredit courses are the basic building block of your iMBA. They’re offered frequently, so there are many opportunities throughout the year to take the first step on your path to an MBA.

You can take just the self-directed, noncredit segments for free. That’s if you don’t plan to go onto the iMBA, advanced graduate-level work, or earn a noncredit certificate. If you just want some foundational knowledge, you’ll find that the on-demand classes are great resources and will likely have immediate applicability in your work.

You’re welcome to do the self-directed segment of any individual course now. Or complete a full noncredit business specialization now, and build it into a for-credit specialization over time.

Why Enroll?

There are three reasons you might want to enroll in a noncredit course:

  • If you intend to go onto the for-credit course or the full iMBA and want to get a head start.
  • If you just want to take the foundational free content and not go further.
  • Or if you want to earn a certificate in a business specialization but not a full MBA.

Get Started

Following are areas in which noncredit courses and specializations are being offered. Click on the specialization title to learn about what’s required to earn a full noncredit certificate. Or click on the individual course name if you’d like to take the basic noncredit content for free.

The self-directed segments of our classes are delivered through the website of our partner, Coursera. Clicking on links below will take you to the Coursera noncredit course and specialization pages.