FAQ: For-Credit Courses

1. What does taking an iMBA course for academic credit actually mean?
Taking an iMBA course for academic credit involves two steps:

Step 1: Complete Basic content for iMBA course on Coursera (with a verified certificate)

Step 2: Complete the enhanced version of the same iMBA course with Illinois. The enhanced version includes extra case studies, detailed exercises, team projects and or exams, and direct interactions with faculty, moderated discussions, personal evaluation and grading from faculty, the same rigor that you would encounter from an on campus course at Illinois.

2. Where do I go for my course?
The course will use Illinois Compass 2g (powered by Blackboard Learn) as the main starting point but will also use materials and activities in Coursera.

3. What tasks and course materials will I find in which system?

a. Illinois Compass 2g will guide you through all of the materials, regardless of the system the content resides in.
b. The tasks to be completed in Coursera consist of lecture videos, quizzes, and peer assessment exercises. All of these activities must be authenticated through Signature Track and are required for the Verified Certificate.
c. The course materials in Coursera will be augmented in Illinois Compass 2g with (but not limited to) additional required textbook and/or further readings, new case studies, and additional videos.
d. There will be other activities to be completed in Illinois Compass 2g such as (but not limited to): graded class discussions, further case study analyses, reflection or analysis write-ups, individual or team projects, and other problem-solving activities depending on the topic/discipline of the course.

4. What portion of my grade will come from assignments found in Illinois Compass 2g vs. Coursera?
The tasks in Coursera represent about 25% of the full course grade; the other 75% comes from the activities in Illinois Compass 2g.

5. How many hours per week should I expect to spend in the course?
Completing tasks in the Illinois-credit courses will require approximately 6 hours in Coursera plus 2–4 hours on tasks in Illinois Compass 2g per week. Thus, it will take approximately 8–10 hours of commitment per week to complete any Illinois-credit course. The time of dedication will depend on your knowledge of the materials and ability to complete the assignments. If you have already completed the activities in Coursera before beginning the Illinois-credit course, you are not required to complete them a second time.

6. How much time will I have to take the exams and complete the assignments?
You will be required to complete an exam in a period of 24–72 hours, depending on the course. Some exams may be timed but will be available for a period of time (1–3 days) so you can complete them at your convenience. You will not need to log in at the same time as everyone else in order to complete final projects or exams.

7. When will assignments be due?
All assignments will have deadlines on a consistent date and time (i.e., Sunday night at 11:59 PM US Central Standard Time). Note that all times are listed in US Central Time, which can be US Central Standard Time (CST) or US Central Daylight Time (CDT). If you do not live in this time zone, you may wish to use a time zone conversion website such as timeanddate.com to translate times to your local time zone. When assignments require discussion and peer review, there may be an initial deadline within the week (e.g., Thursdays to make an initial post) and a follow-up deadline later in the week (e.g., Sundays to submit a peer review). The specific due dates may vary from course to course. It is your responsibility to keep track of all due dates and times as late submissions will not be accepted.

8. When must work be completed in Coursera?
Although the Coursera activities are ‘on demand’ and can be completed any time, for the purpose of the Illinois-credit course, you are required to complete activities based on the course deadlines specified in Illinois Compass 2g. All Coursera scores will import into Compass 2g each week up until the final course deadline.

9. When will assignments be made available to me?
All assignments in Coursera are always available. The assignments in Illinois Compass 2g will be made available no less than three days before their due date. In some courses, all content will be available on the first day of the course; in other courses, the content will become available as the course progresses. In some cases, the content must be worked through sequentially, and later modules will become available upon completion of the earlier modules.

If you have questions, please send an email to: onlineMBA@illinois.edu