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Hello iMBA –

A lot happening with the iMBA program over the next few months! Please be on the lookout for additional emails/blog posts that will contain specific details about each of the items below. It is extremely important that you take the time to read each of these emails/blog posts carefully and reach out to with any questions!

Program Capstone

The summer and fall program capstone courses have been restricted. Going forward we will be implementing a different process to register for a program capstone course.

  • Students should only take the Program Capstone in their final term in the program
  • Students will need to add themselves to the degree conferral list via Student Self-Service in order to have access to register for the program capstone course
  • A spring program capstone has been added, so the course is now offered in all terms
  • Exceptions may be granted only due to student or family medical emergencies. Requests for exceptions to take the PC early are reviewed on a case by case basis
  • A new exception form will be available to students and an email will be sent later this week with specific details and a link to the form

Tuition and Fees Updates

  • The new tuition model does not take effect until Fall 2019*
  • Summer courses will remain in the same model (Illinois HE tuition and Coursera fees for Illinois MOOCs)
  • Late July we expect to begin moving Illinois MOOCs to a new structure with Coursera, and gradually will move towards students having access to all Illinois MOOC courses
  • Note that Coursera fees will no longer be applied, but these are not “rolled” into the new tuition model
  • Please watch for an email that will give more specific information as we move into the summer term

*pending University of Illinois Board of Trustees approval


Thank you