Hello iMBA –

Some capstone updates to share – please read carefully!

Program Capstone

 Thank you to everyone for your patience as we implemented a new process for Program Capstone registration. Below are the steps needed in order to successfully register for the Program Capstone:

1.       Students add themselves to the degree conferral list via Student Self-Service for the term that all degree requirements are completed

a.       Availability to add to the degree conferral list for a term opens the same time that course registration for that term opens

b.       Adding yourself to the degree conferral list does not register you to participate in campus commencement/convocation ceremonies – these are two separate actions!

2.       After adding themselves to the appropriate degree conferral list the student will then be eligible to register for the Program Capstone course in the appropriate term via Student Self-Service

Ø  Please allow 1-2 days before attempting to register for the Program Capstone course after adding to the degree conferral list!

The Program Capstone course will be available all three terms: fall, spring, and summer. There should not be a need for students to request to take the Program Capstone early. Please see the Student Handbook (page 23) for the program Exception Policy with regards to the Program Capstone.

The CRNs for the Summer and Fall Program Capstone courses can be found on the Course Offerings web page. Be sure to click on the appropriate term to open the course information document.

Specialization Capstones

As many of you know, the Core 1 (Strategic Leadership and Management) capstone course is currently at capacity for summer. The only exceptions where a student may be added are for those students on the August degree conferral list who are required to complete a specialization capstone and have already completed the Core 2 capstone.

The enrollment cap for all capstone courses is set so that students are able to have a meaningful experience. The capstones have a project live presentation component, which requires a specific amount of time designated to this component so that all groups have ample opportunity to present.

Please note:

1.       As the program begins doubling the core course offerings this fall, there will also be two offerings of all core capstone courses. Students will have another opportunity to enroll in the Core 1 capstone in spring 2020.

2.       Students have six specialization capstones to choose from when completing the required two specialization capstones. Have a back-up plan just in case you cannot get into your first capstone choice in a specific term.

If you have any questions, please direct those to imba-support@illinois.edu.  Thank you!