Academic Planning/Advising

iMBA Degree Requirements

  • Students must complete 72 credit hours in the program
  • Students must complete six specializations (4 Core specializations and 2 of the 3 Focus Area Specializations)
  • Students must complete 2 Specialization Capstones from any of the 4 Core or 2 Focus Area Specializations
    • All courses in a specialization must be successfully completed to be eligible for the capstone
  • Complete the Program Capstone at the end of their program
  • Students must meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirement of 2.75

2 Year versus 3 Year Track

Students wanting to complete the program in 2 years must take 2 courses every 8 week session.

Students on the 3 year track, you can take one course every 8 week session. However, they must double up on courses at least 3 times during the program.

Course Offerings

iMBA courses are offered annually, at the same time each academic year.

  • Core 1  and Core 2  courses start in the first 8 weeks of Spring and go through the Summer term
  • Core 3 and Core 4 courses start in the first 8 weeks of Fall, and go through the first 8 weeks of Spring
  • Focus Area courses start during the second 8 weeks of Spring through the first 8 weeks of Fall
    • Digital Marketing
    • Innovation: From Creativity to Entrepreneurship
    • Global Challenges in Business

Academic Advising

Students are assigned an Academic Adviser who will work with them throughout the duration of their time in the program.  One-on-one advising appointments are available to assist students.  Advisers are also available to answer questions throughout the year. Students can use the Advising Calendar to schedule an appointment with their adviser.

Students and their adviser use the Degree Planning Worksheet tool to map out their timeline to degree completion and help track completion of degree requirements. Please send a request to and your adviser will provide the worksheet.