Required Academic Credentials

The Graduate College at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign is required to confirm all of your past higher education credentials. In the “Notice of Admissions” email, that was provided to you by the graduate college, you will see a list of Official Credentials you need to provide.

Please start now and begin contacting your institution(s) and have those documents sent to the iMBA program.

For international students, it is imperative that you begin this process now, as it may take longer for these documents to be secured. If your international institution is unable to provide official transcripts, we will accept originals or attested copies from a government agency (US Department of Education, Embassy, etc.). If your transcripts or degree certificate are not translated we will need translations of the documents as well. There are several companies (including ones online) which provide this service.  If you choose to mail us originals we will return them using UPS (with tracking), however we can never guarantee delivery once given to UPS.

Failure to send these documents in a timely matter will result in a “transcript hold” being placed on your student record by Graduate Admissions. This hold will prevent any future term iMBA registration until cleared. Electronic transcripts may be emailed to  Original printed transcripts from the institution may be mailed to the address below:

ATTN: iMBA Program
2019 Business Instructional Facility
515 E. Gregory Drive
Champaign, IL 61820

If you have questions or need support on this please contact us at or call (217) 300-2481.