Student Accounts/Tuition/Fees

University of Illinois Tuition

Tuition for University of Illinois iMBA Courses is $250 per credit hour.

To learn more about your Student Account, we encourage you to go to Understanding My Student Account on the University Student Financial Services & Cashier Operations (USFSCO) website and become familiar with all of the USFSCO services and policies.

Contact USFSCO with any questions or for further information.

View Transactions and Make a Payment

  1. Log into Student Self-Service
  2. Select Account Billing Information
  3. Select Student Account
  4. To view real-time transactions (including credits and charges), select View Account
  5. To pay your balance, select Make Payment

Billing Statements

The University of Illinois no longer mails billing statements to registered students. Bills are sent to the student’s email account directly. Once a month, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign sends a reminder email to enrolled students prompting them to view their student account for recent activity and to pay any amount due by the due date.

Sponsor (Third Party) Billing

For students whose tuition may be paid by a sponsor organization, please visit Sponsor (Third Party) Billing for more information. If you need itemized bills used for reimbursements, please log into Student Self-Service and View Account (see instructions above).

Contact University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations with any questions or for further information.

Financial Aid

Financial aid at this time is limited, and is only available to domestic degree seeking students. Please refer to for more information.

Other Expenses/Fees

Textbooks and other high engagement Information on textbooks and materials is communicated in your Compass course syllabus.

Coursera Course Fee

The Coursera fee is $79 for each 2-credit hour iMBA course, or $158 for a 4-credit hour iMBA course.

View Transactions

  1. Log into Coursera
  2. Open My Purchases
  3. Find the course you want a receipt for
  4. In the “Purchase date” column, click Email Receipt

Make a Payment

  • You are prompted to pay the fee when you access a quiz item in Coursera.
  • If you have completed a Coursera session before the official iMBA course started, you do not need to pay again. Your payment and progress is automatically migrated over.

More information on Coursera receipts and financial aid is found here.