Cancel/Withdraw/Drop Information

The University operates on a 16 week semester calendar in fall and spring, and a 12 week semester calendar in summer. The program offers courses in two 8-week sessions for fall and spring. The University has standard parts of term, however iMBA sessions will not be within these parts of term. iMBA sections are referred to as nonstandard.


Cancellation means all courses are cancelled before the start of the semester or before the start of an eight week session only if a student is registered for courses in one eight week session only

  • Drop means dropping one or more nonstandard courses while remaining actively enrolled in at least one course that same semester
  • Withdrawal means dropping all courses after the first date of instruction only if a student is registered for courses in one eight week session

Cancellation, Drop, and Withdrawal Policy

Please see the Nonstandard Guide for Dropping or Withdrawing From Nonstandard Length Course Sections for detailed information regarding refund percentages and “W” deadlines for nonstandard course sections.

How to Cancel, Drop or Withdraw

  • To cancel a class, please complete the Cancellation Form and submit to the program office. Tuition is fully refunded if you cancel before the start of the semester.
  • To drop a course, please do so online via the Student Self-Service Portal.
  • To withdraw, please complete the Withdrawal Form and submit to the program office.
  • Please submit completed forms to:

Please contact the program at with any questions regarding these policies/procedures.