Advising & Planning


Degree-Seeking Students:

You will be assigned an Academic Advisor who will work with you throughout the duration of your time in the program.  One-on-one advising appointments are available to assist students.  Advisors are also available to answer questions throughout the year.

When advisors have been assigned students, you be contacted by your advisor to sign up for an appointment through the Advising Calendar.  To view our advising staff, visit our Contacts page.

Non-Degree Students:

Non-degree students will not be assigned an advisor; however, you will have a point of contact in the department who will answer your questions.  Please visit the Contacts page for more information on our staff.  If you have questions, you are always welcome to contact


We have created an academic planning tool for you to map out your degree.  Please make sure you complete the plan and meet with your advisor to go over it.  A unique link will be emailed to you and you can use this link to continue to make changes to your degree plan.  Please refer to the Degree Requirements page if you have questions about what is required to graduate with your MBA degree.