Program Platforms

The iMBA Program uses a variety of platforms and programs to enhance your experience as a student.  We use Zoom as the main communication tool for you to interact with your instructors, peers, and academic advisor. For coursework, you’ll be using Compass 2g and Coursera.


Zoom is a cloud-based web conferencing tool. iMBA courses are highly interactive and engaging on a weekly basis. As a student, you will be participating in weekly live video sessions, office hours, and group work as part of your learning experience.

You will need to setup a Zoom Pro account.  Follow these step-by-step instructions to get setup with Zoom once you have been admitted into the program.

Compass 2g and Coursera

You will complete course components in both platforms.

On the Illinois Compass 2g platform, students will find the high engagement component. This includes live lectures, group assignments, and exams.

On the Coursera platform,  students complete the basic components of the course, such as watching videos, completing quizzes, and peer-reviewed assignments. For each eight-week Illinois course, you will also complete two 4-week Coursera courses.

ALL elements of a course (in both Compass 2g and Coursera) must be successfully completed by the deadlines noted in the course syllabus, found in the course homepage on Compass 2g, in order to earn academic credit.

Platform Support

The iMBA team is here and ready to help you with any questions that you may have.  Simply email  Here are a few tips when submitting questions:

  • Always provide your nine-digit UIN when submitting a request
  • Make sure you are being specific about the course(s) you’re referencing and include as much relevant information as possible.
  • Questions to submit:
    • General program questions
    • Requests to drop/cancel/withdrawal
    • Coursera access issues
    • Coursera assignment questions
    • Questions/request that do not fall under other support areas

Coursera 24×7 Chat is available for questions regarding Coursera platform/logistical support.  This includes issues with access/submission of assignments and issues with course access.

Coursera Discussion Forums are available for each Coursera component you’re enrolled in.  These are a great place to post questions about Coursera course content, as well as requesting others to give feedback on your peer-reviewed assignments.  If you need to request feedback for a peer-reviewed assignment, post in in the corresponding module week’s discussion forum.

Compass Class Q&A Forums are available in Compass for each course you’re enrolled in.  This is a great place to post questions about Compass course content or structure.