Student Self-Service is where you can register for courses, whether you are a degree-seeking student or a non-degree student.  Through this portal, students can also:

  • Check registration eligibility
  • Add/drop classes
  • View student billing/account information
  • Update personal information
  • View academic history
  • Order transcripts
  • Add name to the graduation list

How to Register for Illinois Courses

We’ve put together a step-by-step video on how to register for courses.  Take a few minutes to watch!

You can also follow these step-by-step instructions.

Coursera & Compass Registration

About a week before classes start, your course material will autopopulate in your Coursera and Compass Dashboards.  This is a good time to login and look around your courses.  Remember that your syllabus can be found in Compass — this is where all of your high engagement material is housed.  Coursera is where your foundational content is located.  If you’d like to look around the Coursera components of your upcoming courses, check the Course Offerings page and then select the corresponding semester for your course(s).  In this table, you will find the links to the Coursera components.

Registration FAQs

What is the maximum amount of credit hours I can register for?

The maximum amount of credit in which a graduate student may enroll is 20 hours in the fall and spring terms and 12 hours in the summer term. Students in non-degree status have other restrictions, and find more information here.

I am trying to register but am receiving a Program Restriction message, why can't I get into this course?
Please be sure you are using the correct CRN code for your courses. We have sections built for both degree and non-degree students, so you are only able to register for your correct section. You can find registration information, including CRNs, on the Course Offerings page.

Also, please do not search for courses by name, as several courses will have more than one section, and if you try to enroll in a non-iMBA section you will continue to get error messages. Please always use the CRN numbers to register so you get into the correct section the first time. We will always have updated CRN lists for students before each term to aid you in registration.

Why can I not register?
You may have a hold, either financial or transcript. Students can check this in the Student Self-Service > Registration & Records > Enhanced Registration > Prepare for Registration.