The final course in the sequence of the Business Analytics specialization will be offered beginning in September. As the coursework has gotten more tools and application based, we wanted to ensure that there was enough time to onboard these next courses. The Business Analytics focus area will conclude in the fall semester as originally planned, with a capstone course that will follow the conclusion of the eight week course. Please see the course information below:

MBA 592 – Applying Analytics Across Business Functions
4 credit hours    CRN 71982           Section IM1        Course Dates: 9/11/19 – 11/15/19

MBA 590 – Business Analytics Specialization Capstone
0 credit hours    CRN 72491           Section IM4        Course Dates: 11/6/19 – 11/19/19

Please note that the Illinois MOOCs on Coursera have not yet launched for the eight week course. The first MOOC is expected to launch one week prior to the start of the HE course (on or around 9/4/19).

You can find information on Course Offerings and Registration in the Current Students web pages.

Please reach out to with any questions.