Capstone Projects

Capstones are designed to bridge the ‘knowing – doing’ gap, challenging students to apply their iMBA courses, work experience, industry acumen, business knowledge and skills. Students work through a case study with a team in which the deliverables for each module will build upon one another. Each course culminates with the final case presentation.

How Capstones Work

  • Students complete 3 capstones in the iMBA program; 2 specialization capstones and 1 program capstone.
  • Specialization capstones are two weeks in length and students choose the specializations that best meet their academic and professional interests.
  • The program capstone is four weeks in length and will be completed in the final semester of the iMBA program.
  • Capstones are 0 credit hours but required for completion of the degree; no tuition is charged for capstones.
  • Capstones are group-based projects typically focused on a case study.