Student Experience

iMBA students on campus at iConverge

The iMBA program is intentional with its commitment to the student experience and positive engagement. We offer a variety of opportunities for students to meet each other, staff and faculty. At these optional in-person experiences, students are able to network and meet their classmates. They can connect with current faculty and discuss the curriculum outside of the classroom. Whether related to coursework, professional development or for purely social reasons, these experiences can change the iMBA experience immensely.


iConverge is our annual on-campus networking and professional development event. It is a chance for students to see familiar friends, make new ones and develop professional relationships outside the classroom. Attendees can participate in thought-provoking talks and panel discussions as well as live lectures offered by some of the iMBA faculty. Held in Urbana-Champaign each September, students are also able to connect to the greater Illinois family, attend an Illini Football game, and tour campus.


Throughout the year, the iMBA program visits cities across the United States to provide opportunities for students to connect regionally. At a Micro-Immersion, students will visit a company and be able to connect the visit to a course through a case study project based on the company. Each Micro-Immersion will provide students a truly immersive experience over 3-4 days where they learn about industries outside those in which they currently work.

Global Immersions

During our Global Immersions, we are truly embodying the goal of becoming the World’s MBA. We are taking the program global and connecting to our international students. The focus of these immersion trips is on understanding business and economics in our host countries. The week-long itinerary combines academic activities with social and cultural experiences. You will have the chance to transform the theoretical and abstract into experimental learning – where the world becomes your classroom.