Requirement Overview

We offer courses that are packaged together in Specializations. These courses can be taken in any order, as there are no prerequisites. In order to take a Capstone for a Specialization, you must have completed all courses in that Specialization.

Our program is designed to take 2-3 years.  We do not allow students to take more than 3 years to complete their degree from admission term through graduation. Degree requirements will be outlined more in Degree Requirements page on our Current Students page.

iMBA courses are offered during the following times each year:

  • Core 1, Core 2, Core 3, and Core 4 are offered twice a year, starting at the beginning of each spring and fall semester.
  • Focus Area courses are offered once per year, starting during the second 8 weeks of each spring.

Curriculum and Logistics

Our student services team will explain the iMBA degree requirements and the mix of courses you’ll complete as a part of the iMBA program.